Effective Exercises for a Large Penis (Only for Men)

big-penis-1238715_640A long, strong penis will not only give you a longer penis but also give you harder erections, more pleasure and extra confidence. Penis exercises are aimed at strengthening skeletal muscles in the penis including those in the pelvic floor by stretching the penis tissue causing it to generate more muscle cells. Penis exercises encourage the formation of tissues cells and tissue mass and also build strong muscles. This brief article looks into some of the most efficient way to get a wider and good looking cock.

Effective Exercises for a Large Penis

The Ultimate Stretcher– This exercise involves stretching the flaccid with the aim of adding extra inches. Grasp the front part of the penis then pull and stretch it outwards. Pull the base and the shaft and hold the position for about 10-30 minutes. Repeat the process about five times a day.

The Thumb Stretcher– Grab the head of the penis using one hand, hold firmly without cutting too much blood circulation. Place the thumb of the next hand at the base of the penis. Pull it outwards until you feel a stretch and hold this position for about 15 seconds. Repeat the process for five minutes.

The Backwards Method– Pull the skin of the penis back using your thumbs. The other fingers should be providing support under the shaft and hold this position for about ten minutes. Repeat the process while holding the penis firm for five minutes each day.

The Opposite Pull– This exercise aims at increasing the size of the penis. Grasp the head of the flaccid phallus with your right hand. Place the left hand at the base of your penis. Pull suing both hands in opposite directions for about 10 seconds. You will feel the shaft stretching. Repeat the process. However, it is important to discontinue in case you feel pain or discomfort.

The Kegels– Kegels are designed to enlarge the penis by maintaining control of the erection. First, identify your Pubococcygeus (PC) muscle employing the process of stopping urine flow naturally. After locating the PC muscle contract it every day for about 20 times at first. Once you are used to the exercise, contract the muscles for 30 minutes every day.

The Jelqing Method– Also known as the Milking method. This exercise is designed to enhance circulation of nutrient-rich blood to the penis as well as stretching the penis. You are required to employ the OK-grip where you slid up the penis’s shaft right from the base to the glans. Before starting the process, the penis should be semi erect. Employing this technique while flaccid will have no effect. Also applying this method with a fuller boner may result in nerve or tissue damage. First, lubricate the penis using some oil based lube. Use your right hand to make an OK sign and then grasp the base of the penis. Pull the hand from the base to the head slowly to massage the penis. You can then switch to the other hand and repeat the movement. This process enables you to push blood from the base to the glans causing the enlargement of the shaft. Repeat the process many times but you can stop if you experience any discomfort.

Having a larger and stronger penis could not be easier. Make an informed decision to employ the best penis enlarging strategies and enjoy a more pleasant sex life.

Simple Tips on How to Please a Woman

woman-499756_640There have been many questions about understanding a woman and what is the difference in the way humans perceive the world.

The woman body is fragile and sensual by default, representing the human side of the world: beauty, sensuality, kindness, purity and others attributes.

The male body is pure force, without curvy lines, just the representation of strength, power, conquer.

In his nature, the man is set to hunt. He want to obtain, to conquer territories, women, to be in a hierarchy. Women on the other side chose carefully who they sleep with. Subconsciously, women see in man the father of her child. This is why they are more delicate and can’t sleep with whoever asks on the street.

When psychoanalysis therapy on women started, one of the first cure in treating hysteria, depression, anxiety was in giving them an orgasm through masturbation. The trick is that through orgasm, the brain releases two important hormones: serotonin and dopamine which give the feeling of pleasure and sleep. The body feels more relaxed and brain goes into an Alpha wave mode, which is the level before sleeping.

There are some important factors for women: the smell of the partner, the touch and the mental connection. The women body is more exposed to pleasure and easily aroused by other things that men don’t find attractive. The clitoris has 8,000 nerve endings, more than any other part of the body so that his touch causes orgasm in less than 4 minutes. Oral sex or cunnilingus in women is practiced between lovers with pure sexual pleasure. Beyond that, there is still an evolutionary benefit in oral sex to a woman.

The pleasure felt by women during cunnilingus contributes to sexual satisfaction and encourages them to plan future sex. Moreover, cunnilingus practice makes her feel loves, and she will be less tempted to go wrong and seek the same pleasure in another man’s bed. Oral sex can have a spiritual side, improving your life through Tantra yoga, which is a kind of sexual meditation in two, or Kamasutra, which involves trying new position, so the orgasm could be reached for both partners.

Oral sex lowers blood pressure and increases heart health, reducing the risk of stroke. At the same time, increase strength, flexibility and muscle tone. It might even be a good treatment to prevent stroke. Not only this sexual activity stimulates endorphins, generous in giving pleasurable sensations, and antibodies that protect the organism against flu and colds. A sexual encounter once a week consumed produce levels up to 30% higher immunoglobulin A, strengthening the immune system and combating the diseases more effectively.

Providing satisfactory sex partners party can maintain reproductive health. As a woman gets more sex, the more it produces more hormones responsible for libido. Oral sex to women increases estrogen levels of the woman’s body, which protects against osteoporosis and Alzheimer’s. Also, sex can prevent endometriosis in women. Ladies who have sex party at least once a week have more regular menstrual cycles than those who enjoy less of this kind of activity. Oral sex improves your life both mentally and physically. Just discover what makes you feel better and go with the flow. Nice things can happen.

Best Places in the South for Dating

beach-455752_640South African Dating can begin online or through a chance encounter with someone who catches your eye. And, with the rise in popularity of South African online dating sites you are much more likely to hook up with someone on the internet before you ever meet them in person. However, once it’s time to meet that person face to face, it’s a good idea to meet in a public place. Partially for safety reasons, but also to break the ice in an atmosphere that will allow both of you to relax. Here are some of the best hot spots to hook up with someone in South Africa:

The Drum Café: Before you begin any banging of flesh, why not venture into this club and rent a djembe drum. Music is always a great way to relax and the primitive, rhythmic pounding rising from a group of people banging on the drums sure to inspire another type of rhythm later in the night.

Mama Africa: If you would love to mix up some cool jazz with ancient African rhythms then this place is worth considering. With a local band, you can enjoy the great food on your South African date. When you visit early, you may find there aren’t too many people. But as the night heats up, so does the action.

Storms River: If adventure is more your style and you want to pump up your testosterone then head out to this extreme sports capital. A great connection can be made through South African dating and work up a sweat. Don’t underestimate the sexual power resulting from bungee jumping, mountain biking, or tubing. Remember, dating is supposed to be fun, and it doesn’t matter if it started online with some serious sexual chatting or not.

Montecasino Fanzone: If there is a game in town, consider watching it in this South African venue. You will be surrounding by people that enjoy sports and can have fun as a group watching your favorite teams battle it out on the field.

Whether you go for some music or some sport, hooking up with your online dating friend can start in public and end in private. It has been said that it doesn’t matter where you work up your appetite as long as at the end of the day you find a pleasing body to share a meal. Especially if that meal ends up being eaten off of their naked body! To indulge is what South African Dating has to offer, why not combine some great local spots with some great local sex. What could be better?

The Ways You Should Get Rid of Cellulite

abdomen-1140720_640If you do not have cellulite, you’re amongst a very lucky few women in the world who don’t stare woefully in the mirror at their unwanted dimpling. And it’s almost a dead cert that women with cellulite want to get rid of it. This article will give you some healthy tips and pointers on how to get rid of your loathed cellulite for good. After all, summer is coming up and the bikini weather is on it’s way!

You may not be practicing the method of body brushing – but if you want to banish your cellulite, you should include it in your beauty routine. Chose your preferred scrub dependent on your skin type and gently massage the scrub onto your dimpled areas in a circular motion. Not only will this remove dead skin that can add to the cellulite look, it will help massage your troubled areas. By doing this, in an upwards direction, will increase fat dispersion. To see long lasting results, this procedure needs to be a mainstay in your regime – try doing it every other day.

Stay active! Your behind can sometimes forget it needs to be in shape if you don’t keep working those muscles. If you have a job that requires a lot of sitting, ensure you take time to walk and don’t allow your job to affect your ability to ensure a perfect posterior. Your lunch can be spent walking or even lightly jogging to remind your butt who’s boss.

Watch what you consume. A lot of the foods you eat affect the way your cellulite takes shape. It goes without saying that processed foods full of additives are bad for you anyway, but cellulite thrives on those types of food. When you eat food rich in those contents, you’re effectively feeding your cellulite – if that’s not a reason to cut back, I don’t know what is!

Keeping the above in mind, extreme dieting also has an adverse effect on your body in the form of cellulite. When you want to lose weight, remember to do in a balanced, healthy way as opposed to a crash diet. This can do just as much damage as a highly processed diet. In this regard, you should always ensure you avoid sedentary lifestyles like the plague.

These four simple (yet very effective) techniques are your tools to maintaining a cellulite free, beach ready body all year round. Beat cellulite for good and ensure you sustain a happy, healthy bod at the same time.

Best Places in the World for Dating

beautiful-1274361_640Let’s face it, dating can be seriously tough in our modern climate: we don’t have as much of a strong sense of community as we did 20 years ago, and so we don’t get to know as many people. Thankfully, online dating has solved most of our problems, especially as it has become incredibly accurate in terms of finding appropriate dates in the past few years. However, it is still difficult to know where the best places are for dating. So, we’ve rounded up the four best places in the South for dating in ascending order.

1.) London

The capital of the UK is also its Southern cultural center. You can meet almost any type of person in London, from an organic clothing loving skater ‘dude’ to the 78th in line to the throne, and can do almost anything on a date. There is a wealth of stunning architecture, eateries, museums, animal centers and more which all make for the perfect date location. Plus, you can put away those first date worries by choosing a meeting place right in the center of the public eye: something that is hardly difficult to find in London. From the Sealife center to Soho’s infamous Choccywoccydoohdah café (yes, that is a real place), you can set your eyes on some world-renowned sights as well as the man or woman of your dreams. Moreover, the masses of transport links mean that if your date goes south, it’s simple to hop away and never see them again.

2.) Brighton

This is one of the best places to go to in the UK if you want to catch a glimpse of what real Southern English life is like. Brighton is home to all the quirkiest, weirdest, niche-est things that you can imagine, and as such is definitely a place to put on your dating bucket list. The setting is endlessly romantic: from cute little tea shops to long stretches of beach that are simply begging you to stroll hand in hand along, Brighton has some of the best and cheapest places to take a date.

3.) Oxford

Renowned for being one of the poshest areas in England, Oxford is a brilliant place to meet someone you can make a profitable future with. Stuffed full of antiquarian culture, from stunning architecture to one of the world’s oldest universities, why not wow your potential partner with a little bit of knowledge about the place? This again has excellent transport links, so if you need to make a rapid getaway, or just want to travel to meet your date, then just jump on a train or get punting.

4.) Devon

Escape from technology to return to your roots by dating in Devon. This countryside idyll is perfect for any nature lovers, or anyone who simply wants to take a step back from the hustle and bustle of daily life to find their perfect match. If you’re a keen sportsman or –woman, then there is a myriad of sporting opportunities for you to take your pick from: hiking, surfing and sailing are just a couple of examples of the most popular ones that you can do with your dates.